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1. If members of the same group (2 or more) which issues a coin are gathered together at an appropriate venue (i.e., a bar or other social occasion where adult beverages are sold), one member may challenge the others by slapping his coin down upon the surface of the table. This may bring the following results:

a) one of the challenged does not have a coin – he or she buys a round for everyone involved in the challenge;
b) everyone challenged HAS a coin, at which time the one who challenges owes everyone involved in the challenge a beverage;
c) more than one person challenged does not have a coin – they each owe a round to everyone who has a coin.

2. It is the policy of the Public Health Service Academy of Physician Assistants to accept any coin minted for a veterans’ group, i. e., Special Forces or Ranger Associations, etc, as being legal tender for coin challenges, if members of those Associations are included in a challenge.

3. The buying of a round if losing the challenge is a matter of honor and reputation. If the loser of the challenge does not have sufficient cash or a credit card on his person at the moment (say, at a swimming pool or during a SCUBA dive), he or she is then expected to make good for the winners at the next opportunity. If the loser of the challenge does not make good on the challenge, he or she is then seen as unfit company, and will be shunned accordingly, and will most probably die alone and unbefriended in the desert, with vultures picking at their bones.

4. The coin may also be used in the standard ‘heads and tails’ challenges for bets or to settle disputes, with the logo of the group being considered the ‘heads’ portion.

5. Have fun and always remember to enjoy alcohol-containing fluids responsibly.

6. These rules have been adapted from the standard rules of the Veterans Caucus, Inc. upon the recommendations of Bac-Si Padgett, Past President and official rules monitor.


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